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You will be assimilated

Live Video

                                                Live streaming music session   

Xxxtended EuroRemiX 11 (SUBOTA 31.1. u 20h)

 EuroRemiX series focuses on remixes taken from 2nd or even 3rd pack of remixes released after original. Yes, it took us away. Never stop that feeling :)

Xxxtended Years 1992a (PETAK 30.1. u 20h)

 Something about 1992.

2014 by DAB (ČETVRTAK 29.1. u 20h)

 DAB explores 2014.

Just Peglaj - Side A (SUBOTA 24.1. u 20h)

 Few years ago, I created cd-mixtape for highschool friend - with songs we used to adore on MTV. This was content of cd1 called "Side A". Expect "Side B" soon.

Xxxtended Years 1990a (PETAK 23.1. u 20h)

Let me tell you about 1990.

Rainwalker - Dreaming in space (Spacesynth theme) (ČETVRTAK 22.1. u 20h)

 Novo u programu. Rainwalker.

laser/xxx/dB session - Sobica, ZG 17.01.15

Lagano druženje u Sobici. Ovoga puta ne u Chat Sobici već u Caffe bar Sobica. 

4beginners Covers 00s (17. 1. at 20h)

 And here we are with 21st century covers basics.

Xxxtended Bravo Songbook 1 (16. 1. at 20h)

 25 years ago - my window to music world was German pop music magazine Bravo. I used to collect lyrics from there, and I found this memorabilia recently. Here are sets created by the Bravo songbook - from my today's collection :)