Alex Ivens (FutureRecords)

Alex Ivens (author of "The Café 80s SuperBigOne"- 13 hours megamix) - aired on New Year's Eve on Radio Crash):
January, 2014

1 Can you introduce yourself a little and what is FutureRecords about?
FutureRecords is all about Original Mixing. This means that I always combine an original mixing technique with samples, edits and tunes.
I love to use a lot of samples from movies and tv series.
All mixes I create as a hobby are free for download on my website
Besides that I also create Jingles, Promo's and VideoPromo's. These are paid projects and are not always free for download.
I create everything in my own studio at my house. Lately I posted some foto's of my studio on my facebook.

2 Do you remember what got you into remix/mashup? Was it somebody's work or separate things?
When I was 10 years old, which was in 1980 I got my first cassettedeck (Technics M205).
I used this to create edits and put pieces of track together.
a Few years later I always listened to Dutch Radio: Currie & Van Inkel, The Soul Show and later DanceTracks.
In the 80's I loved The Grandmix from Ben Liebrand and his mixing skills though I never tried to copy him or any other DJ.
Throughout the years I developed my own technique, style and sound.
In the 80's I was more busy with live mixing at parties and clubs.
It was in the late 90's that I started mixing with software on the pc (in that time it was Cool Edit, which was later called Adobe Audition).
Early 2010 I switched to Ableton as mixing software. This allows me to create exactly what I want.

3 How long did you make 80s megamix?
My first big MegaMixes were The Café 80's. I started with Part 1 in 2006 and created the last part of this serie in 2011.
Besides The Café 80's Megamixes, I also created The Café 90's and Café 70's.

4 How did you assemble tracks, order, what kind of process this kind of megamix takes? Did you knew all tracks you used before or you discovered some in the making of the mix?
For the Megamixes it starts with an idea. For The Café 80's I first selected about 1000 tracks. I determined the bpm and "key" of these tracks with software called Mixed in Key.
Then I start with the lower bpm (slow songs) and build up the speed as we move on in the mix.
For smaller (mega)mixes, for example The FutureDanceWeekendMegaMix I just start with a loop and mix anything I can find in my big library of sounds.
These mixes surprise even myself and I often find combinations or mashups that I haven't planned. That's really great.

5 Where do you find new music and do you like digital or analog media for your consuming?
From my time as a live DJ I have lots of CD's and vinyl records, so I have a lot of (older) tracks on original cd's.
If I need tracks I don't have myself I ask friend-DJ's if they have it.
I prefer to use original CD masters because of the sound quality. if I really need a track that is not available on original master I search for it on the internet.
During mixing I already correct sound quality and dynamics. After the mix is done I often spend a lot of time mastering the end soundquality.

6 How do you make money for living and can you compare it with passion you have for non-profit work/hobby you do?
I have a normal job which has nothing to do with audio or mixing. This is how I make money. Besides the weekend I am also home on friday which is of course my mixing day :-)
My mixing skills also do earn a little bit by creating Jingles, Promo's and VideoPromo's.

7 Where can people find you and your music work?
All mixes and more information can be found on
Every new creation will always be posted on my facebook: Alex FutureRecords