DJ Xxxtended - Testing testing - 23.8. u 21h

 Novo ispod peke - premijera mixa za ples by DJ Xxxtended.

Xxxtended Years 2008a (PETAK 29.5. u 20h)

 This is 31st December of 2008.

Just Peglaj - NYE2012 Japan (SUBOTA 28.3. u 20h)

 This set was created to play around midnight in Japan :)

Xxxtended Years 2005a (PETAK 20.3. u 20h)

 10 years ago...

Just Peglaj - NYE2012 House (SUBOTA 7.3. u 20h)

 In the november of 2011 - I created 6 sets, ready to be used on New Year's Eve 2012. I discovered them recently and I believe they are interesting enough for listening today.

4beginners Covers 00s (17. 1. at 20h)

 And here we are with 21st century covers basics.

reMiX LoGic Metro (27.9 at 20h)

 Metro is bunch of people but Mark Taylor is the one to remember.

reMiX LoGic Seamus Haji (20.9. at 20h)

 Seamus Haji is one guy.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 99 - 2010 (18.4. at 20h)


It was 3 years ago. But yet - it sounds so yesterday right? Yes - you are too old. Live with it.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 98 - 2009 (11.4. at 20h)


First time ever in xxxtended life - I have no idea what will you listen next show. So is it panic time? Yes please.