Just Peglaj - NYE2012 Japan (SUBOTA 28.3. u 20h)

 This set was created to play around midnight in Japan :)

Xxxtended Years 2014a (PETAK 20.2. u 20h)

Last year.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 101 - 2012 (2.5. at 21h)


Get into mood. Of last year.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 100 - 2011 (25.4. at 20h)


This is quite achievement. Vol 100. Glad to have you with us.

LIFE IN BUDAPEST (18.1.2013 8PM-1AM)


Slika govori tisuću riječi. Ali ipak da pojasnim - glazbeni obračun iz Budimpešte prenosimo uživo. Ritmovi će prštati. Život se ne dešava nekom drugom.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 83 (13.12. at 20h)


Last in remix series. But don't cry. We have great set.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 82 (6.12. at 20h)


You can't get enough Bimbo Jones, Wideboys, 7th Heaven, Dave Aude, Moto Blanco? Come and join us.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 81 (29.11. at 20h)


Riding with Wideboys? Playing with Dave Aude? Dancing with Bimbo Jones? Killing time eith Cahill? Flow with Soul Seekerz? Yes yes yes.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 80 (22.11. at 20h)


Party going on: Dave Aude, 7th Heaven, Freemasons, Wideboys, Shapeshifters.


XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 79 (15.11. at 20h)


We have Digital Dog, Cahill, Soul Seekerz, Dave Aude, Freemasons. And you can have them all.