Xxxtended Bravo Songbook 4 (SUBOTA 21.3. u 20h)

 Bravo Songbook 4


DAB's Return To the 80's! (ČETVRTAK 12.3. u 18.30h)


Xxxtended Years 1989a (PETAK 6.3 u 20h)

 End of the 80s.

Xxxtended Years 1987a (PETAK 27.2. u 20h)

 My favorite year.

Just Peglaj - Side B (SUBOTA 14.2. u 20h)

 Few years ago, I created cd-mixtape for highschool friend - with songs we used to adore on MTV. This was content of cd2 called "Side B". Check "Side A" if you still haven't.

Xxxtended Bravo Songbook 2 (7.2. SUBOTA u 20h)

 25 years ago - my window to music world was German pop music magazine Bravo. I used to collect lyrics from there, and I found this memorabilia recently. Here are sets created by the Bravo songbook - from my today's collection :)

Xxxtended Years 1984 (2.1. u 20h)

 New Xxxtended series. Let's kick off with 1984.

4Beginners 80s Covers (4.1. at 20h)

 If you think these are originals - they are not.

THE PARTY UP! 2 selected by Slavin Balen (10.1. at 20h)

Slavinovi Party favoriti opet.