Xxxtended Bravo Songbook 2 (7.2. SUBOTA u 20h)

 25 years ago - my window to music world was German pop music magazine Bravo. I used to collect lyrics from there, and I found this memorabilia recently. Here are sets created by the Bravo songbook - from my today's collection :)

Xxxtended Years 1995a (PETAK 6.2. u 20h)

 And here is 1995.

Xxxtended EuroRemiX 11 (SUBOTA 31.1. u 20h)

 EuroRemiX series focuses on remixes taken from 2nd or even 3rd pack of remixes released after original. Yes, it took us away. Never stop that feeling :)

Xxxtended Years 1992a (PETAK 30.1. u 20h)

 Something about 1992.

Just Peglaj - Side A (SUBOTA 24.1. u 20h)

 Few years ago, I created cd-mixtape for highschool friend - with songs we used to adore on MTV. This was content of cd1 called "Side A". Expect "Side B" soon.

Xxxtended Years 1990a (PETAK 23.1. u 20h)

Let me tell you about 1990.

4Beginners 90s Covers (10.1. at 20h)

 Still no originals - but memorable stuff.

4beginners 90s Eurodance (20.12. at 21h)

 Everything you should know about 90s eurodance craze.

reMiX LoGic Thunderpuss (18.1. at 20h)

What's new Thunderpuss?

LIFE IN BUDAPEST (18.1.2013 8PM-1AM)


Slika govori tisuću riječi. Ali ipak da pojasnim - glazbeni obračun iz Budimpešte prenosimo uživo. Ritmovi će prštati. Život se ne dešava nekom drugom.