Xxxtended Years 1990a (PETAK 23.1. u 20h)

Let me tell you about 1990.

4Beginners 90s Covers (10.1. at 20h)

 Still no originals - but memorable stuff.

4beginners 90s Eurodance (20.12. at 21h)

 Everything you should know about 90s eurodance craze.

reMiX LoGic Thunderpuss (18.1. at 20h)

What's new Thunderpuss?

LIFE IN BUDAPEST (18.1.2013 8PM-1AM)


Slika govori tisuću riječi. Ali ipak da pojasnim - glazbeni obračun iz Budimpešte prenosimo uživo. Ritmovi će prštati. Život se ne dešava nekom drugom.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 88 - 1999 (17.1. at 20h)


Names for only one year? But what a year. Join us in Y2K bug exploration. Mr. Oizo, Ann Lee, French Affair, Alice Deejay, Shaft belong in 1999. And no Prince, don't worry.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 87 - 1998 (10.1. at 20h)


1998. The year that introduced Britney Spears. And return of Modern Talking. And Paris was huge city.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 86 -1997 (3.1. at 20h)


How about this? 2013. it is, but we ride in 1997.?

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 85 (27.12. at 20h)


Wondering what was going on in 1996? Tune in and find out who was doing Space Jam, Macarena & Cecilia :)

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 84 (20.12. at 20h)


Welcome to final xxxtended series. We are running period 1995-2012. Starting with 1995, you can join us enjoying: Faitless, Tina Turner, Madonna, Shaggy and many more.