XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 71 (13.9. at 20h)


Znate kad će vam XXXTENDED PARTY biti super? Kad ga više neće biti.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 70 (6.9. at 20h)


Why not?

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 69 (30.8. at 20h)


Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Gina G, Erasure, Diana Ross - playing tonight.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 68 (23.8. at 20h)


New age. New remixes. New era. Adam Lambert, Beyonce, Gotye, Katy Perry, Alexandra Stan, Rihanna - coming up.

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 67 - hooj (16.8. at 20h)


Once upon a time, there was a small label which changed many lives. Here is their sound. Acknowledge.


XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 64 - 90s (26.7. at 20h)


Blue Pearl, Black Box, Deep Forest, The Stone Roses, Fun Factory, Magic Affair - strange band names right? But great music.

playlist xxxtended party vol 64 - 90s (26.7. at 20h)

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 63 - 90s (19.7 at 20h)


Beating the odds with Boy George, Gazebo, Rozalla, Double You, Cappella, Playahitty, Inner City...

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 62 - 90s (28.6. at 20h)


What are you doing? What can you tell me about Dr. Alban, 2 Unlimited, N-Trance, Scooter, Pet Shop Boys, Nomad, Eurythmics, Cappella?

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 61 - 90s (14.6. u 20h)


And why not 90s? We have them all.

playlist xxxtended party vol 61 (14.6. at 20h)

XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 57 (17.5 at 20h)


Spend some time with Double You, Haddaway, La Bouche, Maxx, Madonna, Right Said Fred, Lisa Stansfield, Michael Jackson, The Shamen, George Michael... It will make you feel better.