maxi 12

Xxxtended EuroRemiX 11 (SUBOTA 31.1. u 20h)

 EuroRemiX series focuses on remixes taken from 2nd or even 3rd pack of remixes released after original. Yes, it took us away. Never stop that feeling :)

Xxxtended Years 1992a (PETAK 30.1. u 20h)

 Something about 1992.

Xxxtended Years 1990a (PETAK 23.1. u 20h)

Let me tell you about 1990.

Xxxtended Bravo Songbook 1 (16. 1. at 20h)

 25 years ago - my window to music world was German pop music magazine Bravo. I used to collect lyrics from there, and I found this memorabilia recently. Here are sets created by the Bravo songbook - from my today's collection :)

Xxxtended Years 1984 (2.1. u 20h)

 New Xxxtended series. Let's kick off with 1984.

Xxxtended Years - koju godinu želite 2.1. u 20h?

40% (4 votes)
20% (2 votes)
10% (1 vote)
10% (1 vote)
10% (1 vote)
10% (1 vote)
Total votes: 10

Xxxtended Celebrates Frankie 5 (12.12. at 20h)

 It seems this is all I have. Or is it? Thank you Frankie.

Just Peglaj - Rukistruction (29.11. at 20h)

DJ Ruki made mix with vinyls. I tried to reconstruct it similar way. I didn't do quite good. So here it is.

Xxxtended Celebrates Frankie 3 (21.11. at 20h)

 Great memories by Frankie Knuckles.
photo by Chris Walker - Chicago Tribune

reMiX LoGic Robots With Rayguns (15.11. at 20h)

Robots With Rayguns? Check them out.