reMiX LoGic

reMiX LoGic Division 4 3 (SUBOTA 6.6. u 20h)

 Last set of Division 4 for now :) Find him on Soundcloud.

reMiX LoGic Division 4 2 (SUBOTA 16.5. U 20h)

 Another set of Division 4. This time with 90s songs.

reMiX LoGic Division 4 1 (SUBOTA 25.4. u 20h)

 Very interesting bootleg works. 80s songs with a twist. Division 4 can be found on Soundcloud.

reMiX LoGic 08 Remixed In The 90s (SUBOTA 4.4. u 20h)

 Another set of 90s updates.

reMiX LoGic Ralphi Rosario (22.11. at 20h)

 Ralphi kicks speakers.

reMiX LoGic Todd Terry (8.11. at 20h)

 Todd Terry is inHouse :)

reMiX LoGic Jason Nevins (1.11. at 20h)

Kick some Jason.

reMiX LoGic Dave Aude (25.10. at 20h)

One more Dave you should meet.

reMiX LoGic Peter Rauhofer (Club 69) (18.10. at 20h)

 This one is from Peter.

reMiX LoGic Wideboys 2 (4.10. at 20h)

 Again, wide with the boys.