XXXTENDED PARTY Vol 18 (22.7. u 21h)


Are U High with energy? Are U free with style? Vol 18 is full with freestyle and hi-energy.

playlist xxxtended party vol 18

XXXTENDED PARTY VOL 16 (24.6.2011. u 21h)


Ovaj set posvećen je DJ Ogiju. Hvala ti za 1992.-1995.

xxxtended presents Nikki vol 01 (17.6.2011. u 21h)

DJ XXXTENDED predstavlja i neke druge ljubitelje extended kulture. Nikki je spremio 3 udarna sata - C'est La Vie.



Frankie is relaxing. Pet Shop Boys are in the West End. Depeche Mode is shaking disease. Gloria Gaynor is surviving. What are YOU doing this friday?

XXXTENDED VOL 12 XXXTREME 80S (20.5.2011.)

End of the world is still going on. 80s never sounded so updated. Become part of music rEvolution.

Playlista Vol 12

xxxtended vol 11 xxxtreme 80s (13.5.2011.)

This Friday 13th is gonna be different. 3X becomes 6X.

XXXTENDED XXXTREME - 80s in 2000s - n.o. m.e.r.c.y.