Xxxtended Years 1986a (PETAK 3.4.u 20h)

This is 31st December of 1986.

Just Peglaj - NYE2012 Japan (SUBOTA 28.3. u 20h)

 This set was created to play around midnight in Japan :)

Xxxtended Years 1983a (PETAK 27.3. u 20h)

 32 years ago...

Xxxtended Bravo Songbook 4 (SUBOTA 21.3. u 20h)

 Bravo Songbook 4


Xxxtended Years 2005a (PETAK 20.3. u 20h)

 10 years ago...

Xxxtended EuroRemiX 13 (SUBOTA 14.3. u 20h)

 EuroRemiX series focuses on remixes taken from 2nd or even 3rd pack of remixes released after original. We got to get crucified.

Xxxtended Years 1993a (PETAK 13.3. u 20h)

 Last great MTV year?

Just Peglaj - NYE2012 House (SUBOTA 7.3. u 20h)

 In the november of 2011 - I created 6 sets, ready to be used on New Year's Eve 2012. I discovered them recently and I believe they are interesting enough for listening today.

Xxxtended Years 1989a (PETAK 6.3 u 20h)

 End of the 80s.

Xxxtended Bravo Songbook 3 (SUBOTA 28.2. u 19h)

 Back to Bravo collection.