4Beginners 80s Covers (4.1. at 20h)

 If you think these are originals - they are not.

4Beginners Disco (27.12. at 20h)

 Time to learn disco.

4beginners 90s Eurodance (20.12. at 21h)

 Everything you should know about 90s eurodance craze.

4beginners 80s 2 (13.12. at 21h)

 Of course there is part 2.

4beginners 80s 1 (13.12. at 20h)

 Imagine you just heard about the 80s. This is what you should teach your kids - this is essence of the 80s.

Xxxtended Celebrates Frankie 5 (12.12. at 20h)

 It seems this is all I have. Or is it? Thank you Frankie.

Just Peglaj - Rukistruction (29.11. at 20h)

DJ Ruki made mix with vinyls. I tried to reconstruct it similar way. I didn't do quite good. So here it is.

reMiX LoGic Ralphi Rosario (22.11. at 20h)

 Ralphi kicks speakers.

Xxxtended Celebrates Frankie 3 (21.11. at 20h)

 Great memories by Frankie Knuckles.
photo by Chris Walker - Chicago Tribune

reMiX LoGic Robots With Rayguns (15.11. at 20h)

Robots With Rayguns? Check them out.