reMiX LoGic Robots With Rayguns (15.11. at 20h)

Robots With Rayguns? Check them out.


Xxxtended Celebrates Frankie 2 (14.11. at 20h)

 Frankie Knuckles in xxxtended treatment.

reMiX LoGic Todd Terry (8.11. at 20h)

 Todd Terry is inHouse :)

Xxxtended Celebrates Frankie 1 (7.11. at 20h)

 Frankie Knuckles just came up naturally as theme for mini series. Here is Xxxtended look on his work.

reMiX LoGic Jason Nevins (1.11. at 20h)

Kick some Jason.


 EKSKLUZIVNO - Od 2.1.2015. kreće sasvim novi XXXTENDED serijal, kojem se već sad ne nazire skori kraj.

reMiX LoGic Dave Aude (25.10. at 20h)

One more Dave you should meet.

reMiX LoGic Peter Rauhofer (Club 69) (18.10. at 20h)

 This one is from Peter.

reMiX LoGic Wideboys 2 (4.10. at 20h)

 Again, wide with the boys.

reMiX LoGic Metro (27.9 at 20h)

 Metro is bunch of people but Mark Taylor is the one to remember.