My name is Suad Cokljat and I am 37 years old. I was born and live in Zagreb, Croatia where I own a high quality audio recording studio. I have been in the music business for the last 22 years.
Age of 14 - Started playing keyboards in a teenage rock band "Bach".
Age of 16 - Recorded my first album with "Bach".
Age of 18 - Graduated high school in mathematics/informatics.
Age of 18 - Joined band "Riva", the winner of Eurovision song contest in 1989, as a keyboardist.
Age of 20 - Built my first analog recording studio and started working full time with music composing and production.
Age of 20–24 - Produced, composed, recorded and mixed many albums for various established artists in Croatia, Slovenia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Age of 25 - Completed the mandatory military service.
Age of 26 - Founded Indigo Audio LTD. and built a modern digital recording studio.
Age of 27–36 - Produced and composed more than 100 TV commercials and a number of short movies.
Proficiency in:Top quality composing always meeting the deadline. Various music styles include : pop, r'n'b and rock, various dance-styles, world music, ambient, film music and full symphonic orchestral arrangements.
Expertise in:Recording, mixing, sound effects and mastering. Experience with analog equipment, analog recording, digital recording and hard disk workstations.
Other skills include:Cabling, computer hardware (PC), audio software, electro-technics, soldering, repairing, modding and tweaking of various equipment.
Short term plans: Getting connected with talented composers, work with new challenges and expand my knowledge as well as acquire more quality credits.
Long term plans: Become appreciated in multimedia music industry worldwide, collaborate with young talented composers and engineers and form a respected production team, secure a good life for my family as well as future wife and kids