DJ xxxtended - prošireni ne produženi

His famous quote: "Being DJ xxxtened can be chalenge... if babysitting is at the same time as live program."

DJ XXXTENDED is just latest incarnation of many artistic names & ideas by Andelko Preradovic.

Andelko works in music industry more than 8 years professionaly as A&R editor, multimedia manager & PR - currently in Aquarius Records.

He also writes music column as Pop Manija(k). Other - past or secret - projects are currently not important.


XXXTENDED PARTY project is projection of his collecting various extended tracks from charts - from 70s 'till present hits. His 4000+ cd collection is mainly filled with maxi singles & unusual versions of known hits. 

In 2009, he tried to make atmosphere for live xxxtended parties in Zagreb, but hey,  everything flopped. In 2011 he attempted to find (extended) music fans - globally. And after 101 shows - he is done.  We hope you had great sets with him.

Who knows what will follow?